Saturday, September 30, 2006


Cory Maye is off death row least for now. I don't know what all I can say beyond what's covered at, but at least Maye got a day in court with some good legal representation.

There are some things I find deeply disturbing about the case. The only fact supporting reasonable cause for the initial search warrant that was actually supported by oath or affirmation was Officer Jones' observation that there was an unusual amount of traffic to Cory Maye's neighbor's side of the duplex. Anything Officer Jones said regarding his informant should have been deemed hearsay and irrelevant, since the informant was not under oath.

Also, I'd like to see someone opposed to Maye's acquittal answer a couple of questions for me:

  1. How can someone distinguish between a police officer and a home-invasion robber who yells "police"?
  2. Is a person more likely to have his door broken down in the night by a police officer or by a home-invasion robber?

If someone bashing down a door in the night is more likely to be a home invasion robber than a cop, that would suggest that it would not be unreasonable to believe that someone bashing down one's door was a robber. If it's more likely to be a cop, that would suggest that the police endanger the public more than the criminals from which they're supposed to provide protection.

Do I think Officer Jones was a bad person? Not too bad, anyway. But did were all his actions in the raid proper? I think not. Should his mistake have been fatal? It's unfortunate. But it would be more unfortunate for if Cory Maye were also to die or have his life destroyed for Officer Jones' mistake.

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