Thursday, March 31, 2005


Forced to give up the ghost

Theresa Marie Schindler (Schivo) put up a good fight. A better fight than anyone else in this case, perhaps. But without water, even the strongest will to live can only go so far.

No mere mortal can withstand the full onslaught of the forces of Hell. That Terri held out as well as she could is a testament to amazing strength of will. My strongest hope now is that the evil ones have been drawn forth so far that the Red Sea can come crashing down upon them. Though I wished that it could happen in Terri's lifetime, Terri's life will not be in vain if her killers are exposed and rent asunder.

I am reminded of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. Although I was well aware of the crucifixion story long before seeing the movie, I had always perceived Christ's active participation as ending at Gethsemene: from that point forth, I had thought, he was simply carried along by the maelstrom into which he had thrown himself. What The Passion drove home was that Christ's role during his passion was not that of a passive victim. Rather, he was an active participant who by force of will refused to die until he could reach Golgatha and there be crucified. Though it would have been much easier for him to simply give up his spirit under the Romans' whips, such a surrender would not have fulfilled the prophesies and would not have bought mankind's ressurection.

Likewise with Terri's refusal to give up the ghost until it was positively and forcefully dragged out of her. It would have been much easier for her to simply give up years ago during Michael's earlier efforts to kill her through neglect. If she had, however, none of the evil in this case would ever have come to light. Terri deserves enormous gratitude for her willingness to endure the tortures of Hell so as to expose them for all the world to see. Though it may not seem like she 'did' much, her refusal to die shows more strength, determination, and virtue than most people display in a lifetime.

May she never be forgotten.

Theresa Marie Schindler (Schiavo)
Born December 3, 1963
Executed starting March 18, 2005
Forced to give up the ghost March 31, 2005

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